In honor of Henderson’s Heritage Day parade that serves to hail the city’s incorporation on April 16, 1953 here are top things to know about the city of Henderson’s present, past and future. Annual Heritage Day Parade Hails Henderson’s History Every year the city of Henderson celebrates the beginning of a community that the Las Vegas valley refer to as “A Place to Call Home”. The parade hails the city’s

Henderson is home to the best dining options and entertainment. Just 15 minutes from Ascaya the Booze District has ushered in a new era of business and an authentic mold of entertainment specializing in beers, wines, and spirits.   Here Are The Top Things To Know About The Booze District: 1. First Artisan Spirit Manufacture in Nevada The Booze District was the first artisan spirit manufacturer in Nevada.  Known as

Henderson, once a hardworking blue collar community that got its start as a major magnesium producer leading way in supporting U.S. forces during World War II. The city continues to strive for progression beyond its neighboring communities in the Las Vegas Valley. Henderson is a city apart from the blurred boundaries of other communities in the Southern Nevada Valley most refer to as Las Vegas. This picturesque is Ascaya’s hometown.

“Dating back to the 1960s, the Henderson St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival in Henderson, Nevada, is a community staple and a beloved tradition.” Henderson wastes no time kicking of the lively Irish festivities.  The kick-off began with a three-day festival full of authentic Irish cuisine, folk music dance-offs, carnival attractions and a vintage car show. As for the finale, a culminating float at the marcher-filled St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

A vision board is a sacred collection of your ultimate inner vision. It is in the essence of focus that turns your dream home into a reality. Creating a custom home vision board is the best way to unfold specifics of your ultimate dream home. 1.   Traditional Vision Board Originals keep their dynasty for a reason. Crafting a traditional vision board boosts creativity and allows to unfold your inner clarity